Internet of things

IoT Ukraine is the first National Network operator of the Internet of Things on LoRaWaN technology. LoRaWaN ™ is a wide area network (WAN) specification for long-distance (LoRa) networks that is optimized for very low power usage. This means that LoRaWAN ™ is ideal for wireless, battery-powe red endpoints on an IoT network and can safely provide two-way communication with data rates up to 50 kbps.
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Smart City
City managing ecosystem via IoT technology improves the quality of citizens' life and increases city management efficiency. Areas of smart city solutions: smart lighting, waste management, controlling energy efficiency of public buildings, city facilities maintenance, smart parking, level of noise and pollution monitoring etc.
Smart Metering
Sensors installed on home meters enable more convenient and efficient remote consumption control, more accurate billing, remote meter's condition control and long-term stable data transmission due to low power consumption.
Agricultural IoT
Sensors provide large amount ofvaluable and timely data, insightful for both crop and livestock farmers: soil moisture probes for irritation management, plant health and growth rate, animals' vitals (activity, temperature, calving) and location, etc..
IoT for Retail
With IoT sensors retailers canoptimize product preservation, automate inventory tracking &merchandizing, track customers' flow and cashbox workload. And get big data which will reduce maintenance costs and strengthen their business.
Industrial control
Digitalization of industrial objects and processes improve their economic efficiency and sustainability. Data from sensors enable predictive maintenance,continuous visibility of production processes and reduces the risks of theft and accidents.
Logistics and tracking
IoT sensors provide unique real-time data for logistics control, like detecting kick, fall or cargo opening facts,delivery tracking (stops, speed tracking, ETA, current location). Tracking devices can detect location of any moving objects: cars, cargos, and even personnel, kids and pets
Both individuals and healthcare organizations can benefit from IoT sensors for patient's condition monitoring (airflow, blood pressure, ECG), monitoringtransporting conditions of medical equipment and vaccines, patient's health data analysis predicting possible health disorders...


Data collection from all objects that support IOT technology
Receive signal communication tower (Gateway)
Network Server
Data Storage and Application Server
Receive data on a mobile device and personal computer

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